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It’s time to stop spinning your wheels and get unstuck. Navigating modern day stressors is not an easy feat, especially if you’ve faced several challenges and obstacles that have left you questioning if “this is it.” Become empowered with clarity, strength, and confidence to live life purposefully. 

Empowered women become fearless leaders who change the world.


It’s Your Time to FEEL GOOD. 

We’re all a work in progress. The ups and downs in life will always continue, so it’s up to us to get out of our own way to become the healthiest, most vibrant versions of ourselves. I’m here to provide you with the support, accountability, education, and tools you need to regain control. 

Give yourself grace, or a kick in the pants

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Whether you’re struggling with managing boundaries, experiencing hormone issues, or even feeling overwhelmed with everyday “expectations”, it’s time to get the clarity you need to take control of your life. Go from feeling like “there must be more to life than this” to transforming your mindset, health, work/life boundaries, & more. In this program, I give you the step-by-step process to live life fearlessly and find more peace, perspective, and purpose. 

Fearless Academy for Women

Consider this your quick start to more clarity! Maybe you’re questioning your current career or you’re saying “yes” to things when you desperately want to say “no.” I’ll help you get clarity on how you can elevate your work, health, and mindset through a 1:1 personal coaching session. In just 60 minutes, you’ll walk away feeling empowered with a plan to feel less scattered and more confident. 

Power Hour

Sometimes you need personal 1:1 sessions to dig deep and find the clarity you need. We’ll come up with a personalized coaching plan that will provide the support you need to elevate multiple areas in your work, health, and mindset. It’s your time!

Custom Coaching

We all want to create the best versions of ourselves, but oftentimes we don’t know where to start. Through specialized talks and presentations, I help bring the best out of women and free them from any restraints holding them back. Attendees will walk away feeling empowered, confident, and ready to do the things that will lead to living personal and professional life they truly want. It’s time to be happy, healthy, and fearless.



“Summer is a unicorn and can quickly help you elevate your physical & mental health and career & leadership goals!”

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"This program helped get me back on track and gave me some great tools to maneuver the obstacles I encountered. This is a journey and I look forward to the next chapter in my life."

success stories
—Vicki, 55

"I am now creating overall good habits, taking care of me, and using my mantra "I am in control of my life". Women need this program to empower them to take care and make time for themselves."

success stories
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