Kris S.

I recommend Summer because she coaches from both her extensive professional training and her lived experience. She knows first hand how being a mother, wife, and business owner affect women. She asks questions about things I would never
thought we would cover because she knows how the ‘trifecta’ of mother/wife/business owner affect all aspects of your life.

"Summer really listens and responds with targeted information to me. She is not one size fits all in her approach."

Success Stories

Molly H. Senior Manager

I believe I have come out of this a totally different person with confidence in the way I speak, in the way I present myself, and in the way I live out every day.
I felt like I was shifting with the wind. Life was controlling me; I was full of self-doubt, low energy, no direction, unsure of myself and my decisions. Now I feel much more in control of my life and my time. As a people pleaser, I learned I can set boundaries on my terms and that I am the CEO of my life!
Summer always listened without judgement and gave me practical ways to take action. She also remembered our conversations and kept me accountable. I deserved to invest in myself. This is one of the best things I've done for ME. It's practical application that can be used immediately.

"Summer has a gift as a life and professional coach."

Lisa A.

Summer has great insight into not only the challenges of having a family but also balancing family with a career and other life demands. I would recommend Summer because she has a great ability to help a client understand that I cannot worry about what other people think of me and I have to be my own person. If I had understood this years ago, it would have saved me a lot of stress! 

"Summer was able to get to know me more as a person. I am not always the most vocal person in a group setting but one on one, I tend to open up more."

I’m an older Career mom. My kids are in their 20’s and all of a sudden (it seemed) I felt like an old, fat woman spiraling toward a truly sedentary lifestyle. I felt like I was “stuck” as a woman, wife, and mom, (even now Grandma!). 

Going through Summer’s mentorship program I got “unstuck”. I wasn’t afraid to exercise, I starting feeling comfortable with who I am, and I even lost 34 pounds! 

This mentorship program gave me the confidence to leave a secure job and move across the country to start over in my career AND as a new Grandma. I couldn’t be happier with my “Second Act”!”

"Going through Summer’s mentorship program I got unstuck."



“Since participating in Summer’s course and coaching, I feel more organized and focused! She helped me implement simple tasks and strategies to get me on track at home, work, and even with my eating. I am learning things don’t have to be perfect and how to break down larger jobs (at home & work) into more manageable portions. I feel more confident as a leader at work and have renewed my passion, too!”

“Summer is a unicorn and can quickly help you elevate your physical & mental health and career & leadership goals!”

Barb S., Ohio, CEO of multi-chain retail stores 

After my father passed away and I took over the family business, I always felt like I was putting out fires. Now, I feel I have a better handle on my time, organizing it, and using it to (try to) stay ahead of issues. I feel more proactive and in control, rather than having to react to a situation. I improved my leadership skills, personal, and professional relationships. I feel so much more prepared to deal with the curve balls life throws at me without spinning out of control.

"Summer’s mentorship program has allowed me to put things into perspective and prioritize accordingly."


As a mom and business owner, she knows the challenges and tensions of doing both well. Summer has the personal experience to know how to understand your situation and help you move forward. She has been an invited speaker at our national conference on the topic. Let’s be honest life throws many painful moments and challenges at us, and it likely will again. Summer can help you navigate these better now and in the future, you will not regret working with her!

“Summer has a unique ability to coach and help others.”

Jeneanne B., Chief Operating Officer

I was feeling stuck in a job/career that was completely unfulfilling. I had convinced 
myself that it was as good as it would get and that I just needed to be happy about it. Between the job, being a wife and mom, and my dad unexpectedly passing, I felt very stuck. I went from feeling stuck in a job/career that felt soul-sucking to becoming a newly appointed COO of a small firm. The lessons learned and confidence I gained through this course, and working 1 on 1 with Summer, let me be open to the opportunity. I now have the confidence and the right tools in my toolbox to keep making improvements. I no longer feel hopeless, but I now feel empowered.”

“Summer helped me find purpose and a path through very stressful life changes to not only clarify my goals but then take action to achieve them.” 

Michele D., Healthcare National Director 

“Professionally, she helped me not only confront and overcome my fears but also find my voice and create work boundaries. I was able to impact and advocate for the larger team, which has since embraced mindful practices throughout the day. Personally, I was able to reframe my mindset which had been keeping me stuck in the past, particularly around busyness and self-worth. I continue to work on reframing my scarcity mindset, being thankful and grateful for all my blessings, and overcoming many self-defeating practices.”

“Summer has been such a wonderful blessing, having a very positive impact on both my professional and personal life, and helping me become the hero of my own story.” 

Ann, Pharmaceutical Sales

“We all deal with life's curveballs differently, and no matter where you are in the life cycle, this course helps you to: Decide, yes you are the CEO of your life; Set boundaries, Yes You are Valuable and Write Your Own Story. I needed to be reminded to value myself and my worth, through healthier Mind, Body, & Spirit habits that I developed through this course and coaching.” 

“I absolutely recommend this course because even if you are in a great place (as I am right now) in life, there will still be struggles, obstacles, health, financial, spiritual, and body image issues.”


She's a busy mom herself, so she's in the trenches experiencing the same challenges that other busy mom's are experiencing, in addition to successfully pursuing her career goals. She provides inspiration and actionable steps to help women not only survive but thrive.

"I've known and trusted Summer for many years. She's extremely passionate about helping women look & feel better.” 


This is the first time I have stuck with anything - even when I have setbacks, I still comeback. I am finally making consistent changes to my exercise and eating rather than trying to diet or lose weight short term. It has become a part of my lifestyle. When I first started working with Summer I was at rock bottom. Now, I've set strong boundaries, feel more confident, and actually believe I deserve better in my life. I'm still a work in progress, but have committed to continuing to doing the work.

"Summer has helped me define what my true strengths are."

Joetta T. Consultant

I was scattered and totally disorganized, not feeling value as a consultant, mom, wife or grandmother. I felt like such a failure in life; My weight and thoughts of not being good enough. My confidence was in the toilet and on top of all that I was not good at expressing myself.
I’m getting better at organization and boundaries, better eating and workout habits and feeling more confident. Realizing everything doesn’t have to be perfect. My big breakthrough is realizing what has been holding me back for years from following thru on personal/work goals. I’m most proud of ME and what I have accomplished in such a short time.
I know I have just skimmed the surface with having a well-rounded life and I feel good….No GREAT about what I have accomplished in a very short time. Summer is someone you can really connect with because she Truly Gets It. I Highly Recommend Summer’s Coaching Program to everyone!!

"Summer is someone you can really connect with because she Truly Gets It."


Before working with Summer, I was lacking focus and had a hard time structuring my time to get everything accomplished. Things frequently went to the back burner, and I lost motivation to move forward with what I am most passionate about - pursuing my own business. 
I’m very proud to say I have direction and have made strides on my new venture. This is something I have been dreaming about and now it finally feels within reach! I couldn’t have gotten past what was holding me back without this program and Summer’s mentorship!
This program is so WORTH IT!!! I never expected that a “long distance” program would really work for me, but I’m so glad that I took the leap. What an awesome experience!

"I couldn’t have gotten past what was holding me back without this program and Summer"


When I talk with Summer, I always feel validated and motivated to be the best that I can be on that day, in that moment. I appreciate that Summer is always authentic and true to herself while recognizing that each of us is trying to navigate the delicate balance of work and family; selfcare and social responsibility.

One must only meet her daughters (or treat yourself to one of their videos) to know that this “CEO Mom” is a terrific role model for girls and women alike. As a personal life coach and fitness coach Summer “walks her talk” while challenging herself and others to keep moving forward. Generous with her encouragement and guidance, Summer meets us where we are and challenges us to achieve our personal best.

"Summer “walks her talk” while challenging herself and others to keep moving forward."


What started out as me looking for a personal trainer 16 years ago has turned into me finding a lifelong mentor. Summer has guided me through my parenting journey, mental health journey and the ever challenging journey of learning to love and accept my body for exactly what it is.
Summer holds women to a standard that they did not know was possible; giving you tools to make small daily changes that, over time, turn into you becoming a woman who can balance your health, family and career. 
If you put the work in, in this program, I promise, you will literally change your life so that you are living up to YOUR expectations, not anyone else's.

"Summer holds women to a standard that they did not know was possible"


Summer is the epitome of a Mompreneur/CEO Mom. She knows the dedication and discipline of being a high level athlete combined with the rigors of juggling parenting and the home team with the demands of managing the office team. Her superhero power is to be able to digest a variety of concepts and distill them into nuggets that can be critically important in different circumstances/situations.
The only person to wear more hats than a Mom is a Mom CEO. I've seen Summer juggling a full schedule of kids activities and homework schedules and still make time for leading the team with KPI data and making time for personal engagement with her broad customer base. She is my definition of a high performing Mom CEO.

"Her superhero power is to be able to digest a variety of concepts and distill them into nuggets that can be critically important in different circumstances/situations."

Patty, Paralegal

With Summer's help, I've finally learned it's ok to say no and that it's ok to stick to my routine and not change that for someone else's benefit. 
Before this course, I struggled with trying to juggle my professional life, my home life (we have custody of our 2 grandchildren), my relationship with my family, and having time for ME. Since taking this program and through Summer's coaching, my life has become way less chaotic and I've been able to do more things with my family by delegating tasks to others and setting boundaries with my employer.
Summer is very knowledgeable and down to earth, and delivers strategies and methods that have been very beneficial to my life. Highly recommend!

"I've learned it's ok to say no and that it's ok to stick to my routine and not change that for someone else's benefit."

Jessica, SAHM

Working with Coach Summer has helped me to realize that what I considered to be my ultimate goals of our time together really were just small items on my bigger scale of ambitions. By giving practical ways to delegate my daily responsibilities, I was able to free up time for matters that were more important to me.
I fully know that I wouldn’t have come to those realizations without her help because the tools she shared enabled me to implement action in both an efficient and effective way. If you put in the work, Coach Summer will help you to overcome your own mental blocks and step into a better version of you. Highly recommend!!

"Coach Summer will help you to overcome your own mental blocks and step into a better version of you."


Boundaries are a struggle. I felt they were all valuable and played a big part in building a good body, mind, spirit. I think this set a foundation and reminded me that these lessons are important to every person to be successful/accomplish their goals. 
What I did realize that my anxiety came a lot from social media (rejection issues I have as a young woman following me to my businesses). The good news is, covid made me more aware of all this. I wanted to take the time to heal. I deleted Facebook/social media from my phone , am taking a break and feel more at peace. My physical body is a bit fatigued, but before I got sick I was going to the gym, and feeling better about myself. I feel hearing from other women was a great way to realize that life is tough for a lot of people, even though not many people share the journey on social media. 
Yes, anyone struggling with the core elements, anxiety, stress, want real relationships with women who also are struggling. It’s easy for many people to get wrapped up on social media and compare to what others portray, this was a real raw session where we all struggle and are there to help lift each other up. 

"I feel hearing from other women was a great way to realize that life is tough for a lot of people."


As a working mom and grandma, I was stressed out all the time, had trouble saying no (would feel guilty when I did), always striving for perfection and not feeling worthy when I couldn't achieve it. 
This course has been a life changer for me. It came at just the right time, I had undergone major surgery and then suffered the loss of both my parents in addition to a company buyout. I had so much coming at me at one time and I felt that everything was out of control. This program has helped get me back on track and gave me some great tools to help me maneuver the obstacles I encounter. This is a journey and I look forward to the next chapter in my life. I used to just think this is more about weight loss, it is about finding strength in yourself.

"This program has helped get me back on track and gave me some great tools to help me maneuver the obstacles I encounter. "


Before I started with Summer, I felt like my life was spinning out of control. I was dealing with long days, not enough staff, and too much work to do. 
While working with Summer, I was finally able to talk to my management effectively. Now we have enough help and things are improving. I feel more confident & empowered by all the things Summer has taught me. Even in my personal life, things are improving! I schedule my time and get more things done.
 She has helped me grow in my professional and personal life by teaching me various strategies and techniques to overcome stress. Summer’s coaching has been life changing for me and a great investment.

"I am more confident and feel empowered by the coaching. My life is full, but I am in control."