Did you know that 1 in 3 women will have a hysterectomy in their lifetime? It has become a somewhat common procedure for women of all ages. It is still a MAJOR surgery and the mental and physical toll shouldn’t be minimized. 

Note: If you’re not interested in Women’s Health or think TMI then don’t read. My goal is to possibly help someone else, as I share my journey with you. 

My Hysterectomy Story

When I DECIDED to go to Fitness Nationals, I hired the right coaches, I did the work, adopted a champion mindset, and WON becoming a National Champion and PRO athlete and even featured in Fitness RX for Women magazine! 
If I had listened to everyone else’s opinions (“you’re too tall, you’ll never make it, you don’t have fake boobs”) I never would’ve achieved my goal. 

I’ve done the most selfish things


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